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July 10, 2008 at 7:26 am

The Las Vegas Review Journal Finally Sinks to My Level!

Las Vegas Review Journal Porn

We knew it would eventually happen.

As large mainstream media outlets continue to hemorrhage cash because they are corrupt, biased, and antiquated ass-kissers of sponsors … some of them are apparently going to extreme measures to re-capture the reader’s attention.

Namely … pornography!

This morning, The Las Vegas Review Journal featured a full frontally nude geriatric lady on the main page of the “Las Vegas News” section. And people call ME offensive.

Say what you want about the quality of this site, but I will never, and I mean never ever ever ever ever put a picture of a nude 70 year old woman on these pages. Unless The Review Journal does it first, of course.  Then I really have no choice.

I have now, officially, become the lone, last bastion of good taste in this town!

And they said it would never happen.

Shame on the Review Journal, the new purveyors of Las Vegas porn.

Thanks to ‘Dcubed’ for having the presence of mind to capture this screen shot when he was greeted by the horrifically offensive material (courtesy of the RJ) this morning.

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