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October 1, 2007 at 8:42 am

In Defense of Circus Circus

Circus Circus Sign Las Vegas

What is the greatest thing about living in Las Vegas?

The whores? The great food? The weather? The 24 hour gambling? The shows?

No, none of those things.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Circus Circus Adventuredome

The lady on the left looks scared, the lady, I mean guy, I mean whatever on the right still has one of those brick sized cellphones from 1972.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

The greatest thing about living in Las Vegas is being periodically forced by your kids to go into that large disease box, filled with snot-nosed sprogs being self-medicated for attention deficit disorder with methamphetamine by their stripper moms. It’s called “The Adventuredome”.

Think I am exaggerating?

One little boy’s mom was doing a pole dance on the merry-go-round while it was in operation. I shit you not. No … really, I am completely serious. The mom was doing that thing where she grabs the pole with her labia and spins around the pole … proudly displaying her chosen profession. To the other kids.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

On second thought, Circus Circus rules!

It actually wasn’t that bad. We spent several hours in the dome as the kids rode rides. Aside from other people’s fucking kids who have the manners of South African Baboons (by all means, don’t cover your nose when you sneeze, feel free to use my face as a tissue … no, I insist) it’s actually a very pleasant place.

A myriad of rides shook the hell out of my kids, spun them around, dropped them from high places, and jarred them mercilessly.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

It’s so …… pink. I felt like I was in a gigantic vagina … with rides!

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Circus Circus Adventuredome

It’s like legal child abuse, but the kids had a complete blast.

Circus Circus Adventuredome

Run for your lives! There’s a crack in the dome!

Circus Circus Adventuredome

I want to be big!

After they were done, I took off into “the casino that everyone loves to hate” to see what was happening.

And it reinforced my opinion that shitting on Circus Circus is a bandwagon thing.

Most people who shit on Circus Circus do so because everyone else they know shits on Circus Circus. I would imagine that only rarely is it because they actually had a bad experience there.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Why is this asshole taking a picture of me?

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Notice all of the kids running around and blowing their allowance on 7/5 Video Poker.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

The casino is fine. It looks like most every other casino, and contrary to popular belief, kids are not running around the gaming areas. They pretty much stay in the ride and circus act areas.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

Michael Jackson initially applied for a security job here for that whole “detaining unaccompanied minors for the purpose of contacting” thing.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

But we’ll take their college fund at the craps table.

The Circus Circus steakhouse is consistently regarded as the best in the city, and the buffet is not that bad.

Trust me, I’ve had worse. Much worse.

Circus Circus Las Vegas - The Steak House

Circus Circus Las Vegas - The Steak House

Circus Circus Las Vegas - The Steak House

Circus Circus Las Vegas - The Steak House

The odds look to be slightly better than most Harrah’s properties, and the casino is on the MGM/Mirage rewards program.

It has a very nice poker room, and is otherwise a fine property.

Sure, once you leave the casino floor you are going to run into more kids. The casino has the world’s largest indoor amusement park. What do you expect?

You aren’t going to run into tons of wannabe-hipster dipshits like at the Hard Rock.

Which is worse? Frankly, I don’t know. Other than the fact that some of the hipster bitches at the Hard Rock have big tits, I would call it a toss up.

The inside of Circus Circus is older … but that’s because it is an older casino. Makes sense, no?

It’s also in the top 10 of largest hotels in the world, and will soon be in a prime location after Echelon Place is built. (2011 Edit: Heh.)

I did some gaming (which was just as fun as it is at The Flamingo), we grabbed some junk food, we were treated very cordially by the employees, and a good time was had by all.

I spent the weekend at Circus Circus, and I not only survived, but I had fun. Sure, it’s a little quirky, but it’s not the 7th level of hell that some people claim. It was also pretty crowded. Lots of people like Circus Circus.

What is my point in all of this?

Circus Circus is not even close to the worst property on The Strip, and if anyone tells you otherwise … get specific reasons. Kids are everywhere in Vegas … but at Circus Circus they don’t use the slot machines as jungle gyms, nor are there used diapers on the blackjack tables (contrary to popular legend).

All of the online polls listing it at the top of “next place that should be imploded” are misguided, IMHO.

Many of the rides in the Adventuredome are pretty sophisticated, and there is something for everyone in the place.

It is one of the more diverse and unique properties in Vegas.

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2 comments to In Defense of Circus Circus

  • Rod

    I have been to Vegas about 10 times but never stayed at Circus-Circus. But I should. I like weird stuff and the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” left a good impression(even though that’s not actually where it was, the impression left is that’s where it was, if that makes any sense).

  • PS

    I stay at circus circus because it’s cheap. You shouldn’t go to Vegas just for hotels, but just a place to sleep.

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